By Kristan Hawkins

Having an ultrasound is now considered rape, according to the latest talking points from the largest abortion chain the nation, Planned Parenthood, over the controversy about the Virginia ultrasound bill. But if having an ultrasound is considered rape, what does that make an actual abortion?

If this sounds illogical and absurd, that’s because it is.

In a 2003 study of Planned Parenthood and other independently owned abortion facilities, 99% of these clinics admitted that they either “always” or “sometimes” perform an ultrasound in association with a surgical abortion. Further, it was stated that vaginal ultrasounds were “always “performed before the early surgical abortion at 83% of these sites, 16% “under certain conditions” , and only 1% “never” did them.

Additionally, the study revealed that after an abortion was performed, vaginal ultrasounds were also “always” performed at 26% of these sites, “under certain conditions” at 66% of these sites, and “never” at 8%.

Planned Parenthood even admits they do ultrasounds before an abortion: “That’s just the medical standard,” said Adrienne Schreiber, an official at Planned Parenthood’s Washington, D.C., regional office. “To confirm the gestational age of the pregnancy, before any procedure is done, you do an ultrasound.”

Requiring an ultrasound to take place before an abortion is performed makes sense since it ensures that the mother is actually pregnant, determines the age and size of the baby, and aids in determining the location of the unborn child for either the vacuum machine or a needle used to end its life, if in fact a surgical abortion is decided upon. And in many abortion procedures, ultrasounds are used during the surgical abortion to ensure that the abortionist doesn’t physically harm the mother while they dismember the unborn child.

Abortion clinics do ultrasounds but many don’t tell women what’s on the screen – their living baby.

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