By Shawn Carney

The 40 Days for Life kickoff off events this week have helped generate a spirit of Christian unity … and media coverage, too!

Here are two great examples, including one from a first-time campaign in Jacksonville, North Carolina.




The first 40 Days for Life campaign in Jacksonville, North Carolina is already attracting a lot of attention from pro-lifers, from the abortion center’s owner, from the police chief — and the media.

Here’s the report from WITN-TV (there’s a short commercial first):

Local coordinator Elizabeth DeLong was quite clear in her message that 40 Days for Life is a prayer vigil. “We will be praying for Dr. Crist (the facility’s owner) and for his patients,” she told reporters. “This will be peaceful.”

The owner went on camera with a litany of pro-abortion talking points, insisting that abortion is necessary in cases of rape, incest and fetal deformity … and also insisting that his business is not an “abortion clinic” because that’s only a small part of what he does.

“It is an abortion clinic,” Elizabeth responded. “They do abortions there. We’re here to bring healing to our city. We’re there to pray. We’re there to love the clients.”

The owner retorted, “They’re not going to turn anybody around.” Let’s all pray that women in Jacksonville — and everywhere — DO choose life for their children.

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