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The irrepressible Washington Post Right Turn blogger Jennifer Rubin has thoughtful musings this morning on polls showing that Americans are becoming more favorable to same-sex marriage at the same time as they are becoming less favorable to abortion. One explanation: “pro-marriage advocates essentially failed to make the case that gay marriage harms traditional marriage; pro-life advocates have by contrast been hugely successfully in making Americans aware of the health and moral status of unborn children. (So if you want government to stop people from doing something you better show it harms others.)”

I had another thought as I was reading this: Every American under age 38 is alive today because his or her mother chose not to have a legal and inexpensive abortion. (Well, not quite every American; some Americans under age 38 were born in countries where abortion was not legally available.) Their lives could have been ended by abortion but were not. That makes abortion seem less like a friendly, helpful procedure that allows women to live as they choose and more as a threat to your very existence. Maybe that’s one reason that young voters, while more pro-same-sex marriage than their elders, are less pro-abortion.

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