by Penny Starr/(CNSNews.com)

The results of a poll commissioned by Students for Life of America (SFLA) show that likely voters in the 18-24 age demographic express support for conservative social issues, including the rejection of abortion on demand and government regulations that impose restrictions on individuals’ religious freedom.

The poll, conducted by the polling company, inc./Woman Trend, is based on the responses of 805 adults taken between May 25 and June 1, 2012. The poll included controls for gender, race/ethnicity and geographic region and has a plus or minus margin of error of 3.4 percent.

“When it comes to youth and their attitudes on social issues and elections, there are a lot of assumptions made,” Kristan Hawkins, executive director of the SFLA, told CNSNews.com. “However, what we have been witnessing and what has been reflected in our poll and others is that the tide is turning in this generation on social issues, especially abortion.”

“Young adults don’t believe that unborn babies are just a cluster of cells,” Hawkins said. “They can easily see sonograms of babies and know instantly that it is a life and they want a leader who protects that life.”

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