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Washington, DC — The House of Representatives voted today to repeal the Obamacare health care law that fund abortions and prompts concerns about rationed health care.

The House voted 244-184 for repeal (vote breakdown here). Republicans strongly supported repealing the Obamacare bill, voting 239 to 0 to do so, while Democrats strongly opposed repealing the pro-abortion bill, voting 184-5 against repeal.

“ObamaCare takes away from patients the ability to make their own decisions and individual choices. Instead of letting patients and their families work with their doctors to decide the best care, ObamaCare puts Washington in the driver’s seat to make health care choices for them and their family. Taking away choice, driving up costs and making health care dramatically more expensive is not the prescription that Americans asked for,” House Republican Leader Eric Cantor said during debate.

“Despite the claims to the contrary, this law actually paves the way for federal funding of abortion, violating many in this country’s individual religious, ethical, and moral beliefs,” he said. “It is also the basis from which President Obama launched an assault on the religious freedom of millions of Americans, by requiring employers to cover items and services with which they and perhaps their employees fundamentally disagree.”

Until Democrats no longer control the Senate and White House, repeal of Obamacare will remain limited to the House. However, a new poll from Rasmussen Reports finds 80 percent of Americans think repeal is likely if Romney beats Obama and Republicans regain control of the Senate from pro-abortion Democrats.

Unhappy that the Supreme Court didn’t overturn the Obamacare law that includes taxpayer funding of abortions and rationing concerns, leading pro-life groups urged members of the House to vote to repeal the law wholesale.

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