by Steve Aden/LifeNews.com

Over the past few months, the ties between the Obama administration and Planned Parenthood have become more and more evident. Not only was the president initially elected with the strong support of Planned Parenthood officials, but prior to the issuance of the HHS abortion pill mandate, Planned Parenthood Federation of America CEO Cecile Richards was brought in to advise Obama on how and when to do so. (Since then, Planned Parenthood’s former media director Tait Sye has been selected to serve as a deputy assistant secretary for public affairs at HHS.)

And the connections really come into focus when we listen to the president on the campaign trail, especially as he uses his stump speech to talk up the “virtues” of Planned Parenthood.

Speaking at Oyster River High School on June 25, the president used the same kind of Chicken Little—“The sky is falling!”—talking points that Planned Parenthood supporters have been using for years. He did this by telling the audience that their choice in the upcoming election was between funding abortions at Planned Parenthood or turning back the clock on healthcare for women:

“In this election , on every single challenge that we face, you’ve got the final say…You can decide that instead of restricting access to birth control or defunding Planned Parenthood, we should make sure that in this country, women control their own health care choices. That’s up to you.”

Consider the horror. If we don’t fund Planned Parenthood, women will have no choice but to seek out illegal, back-alley abortions. Or worse yet, many women will actually have to carry their babies to term.

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