by Tony Lee

Michelle Obama wrote a letter in 2004 endorsing partial-birth abortions, a heinous procedure that involves removing an unborn baby during the latter stages of the second trimester or early stages of the third trimester and crushing the back of her head with scissors. Obama, in a fundraising letter on behalf of her husband’s 2004 Illinois Senate campaign, said bans on infanticide were “clearly unconstitutional and must be overturned.”

“The fact remains, with no provision to protect the health of the mother, this ban on a legitimate medical procedure is clearly unconstitutional and must be overturned,” Obama wrote, according to a letter discovered by LifeNews. “Attorney General Ashcroft and President Bush believe so zealously in their cause that the privacy right of patients are under assault. They believe we have no federal right to privacy when it concerns our medical histories.”

The Supreme Court in 2007 upheld the ban on partial-birth abortions.

As LifeNews noted, “though the three-day-long partial-birth abortion procedure involves the partial birth of a baby during the middle trimester of pregnancy and the jamming of scissors into the back of her head to kill her,” Obama described partial-birth abortion procedures as “legitimate” medicine.

In the fundraising letter, Obama complained about the “alarming news about the Justice Department’s request for hospitals to turn over the private medical records of dozens of patients.”

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