by Timothy Carney

The presidential election pits an extremist on abortion against a moderate. President Obama, by any honest accounting, is the extremist.

Obama and his party this fall are waging a political culture war, tagging Mitt Romney and his party as scary radicals on abortion and women’s issues. But for more than a decade in public office, Obama has fought a legislative culture war, holding abortion in higher regard than freedom of conscience or even basic respect for human dignity.

Obama’s abortion record and views are far outside the American mainstream.

In the Illinois state senate, Obama repeatedly opposed efforts to require hospitals to care for babies who survived abortions. The bill explicitly and repeatedly stated that it in no way pertained to babies still in utero. These assurances, in an identical bill in the U.S. Senate in 2001, were enough to win the vote of every pro-choice senator.

But what was good enough for California liberal Sen. Barbara Boxer was not good enough for Sen. Barack Obama. He steadfastly opposed the born-alive protection measure in Springfield, arguing that the bill — because it established that babies who survived abortion are people once they are born — might in the future be used to restrict “abortion rights.”

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