by Johanna Dasteel

WINDBER, PA,(LifeSiteNews.com) – An obstetrics ward in rural Pennsylvania will close by March of this year and expectant mothers will be rerouted to hospitals 10-15 miles away to deliver their babies, due in part to ObamaCare.

Windber Medical Center announced earlier this week that part of the blame rests on the shrinking reimbursement rates for expectant mother care and birthing services forecasted under the Affordable Care Act.

In its announcement, WMC references “a challenging healthcare environment” as cause for regularly evaluating its services in light of profitability.

The Comprehensive Baby Care program at WMC has served thousands of women in the surrounding three counties for more than 30 years, and its website highlights a recent addition of new doctors in the OB/GYN center.

WMC’s board of directors has concluded that replacing the personnel might not be fiscally feasible and, thus, “may not serve in the hospital’s or community’s best interest.”

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