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If you’re tired of being told what you want to hear during election season only to be disappointed during legislative season, you’ll want to attend and learn what can be done differently to encourage real results.

When Governor Walker ran for office in 2010, he promised us the moon.  He said he would fight to protect the pre-born.  Imagine our surprise when he later said that he would not initiate any effort to restrict abortion when elected, and he would not support anyone else’s push to do so.  As Governor, he has now gone on to promote medicaid expansion – an effort that will add upwards of 40% more abortions in Alaska. 

We can’t afford to play these games any longer!! The lives of innocent children are at risk.  Babies are daily being subjugated to an excruciatingly painful death and it’s time for it to end!

This is why I am so excited about the one day Political Leadership School we are bringing up to Alaska again.  I am absolutely convinced that this is necessary to end legalized abortion in Alaska.

This one day crash course will teach you the true nature of politics, how to be effective in the political process, what so many of us have been doing wrong for so many years and what we can do right to win!
In short if I were to sum up Foundation Applied Conservative Leadership’s one day school I would say that it is: How to effectively hold your politicians accountable.
If you are serious about stopping the baby killing then this class is a must.
FACL is a non-profit training organization founded by individuals who were effective without compromise.  If you think we ought to honor and fear God rather than men and that compromise of our core principles is wrong then this crash course is for you!


Sat 5/07/2016


On Sale Click Here!

(Early Bird price effective through Apr 23, 2016 . Price increases afterwards. Register Today!)

Sat 05/07/2016


On Sale Click Here!

(Early Bird price effective through Apr 23, 2016 . Price increases afterwards. Register Today!)


“A liberating paradigm-shift occurs while you attend this crash-course.” J.M.

“The truth when dealing with the political process.” C.K.