A friend sent this door hanger from Mike Shower’s campaign.  He says he’s pro-life, but he seems hesitant to take a stand and make any kind of commitment to protecting babies from abortion.

Why is Mike Shower hesitating?

Dear Mike,

I want to know where you stand on pro-life issues and I need more than a non-committal “I’m 100% pro-life” statement. Bill Walker has been saying for years that he’s pro-life, but without commitments to principles and actions, how will we know if we can depend on you when we need every vote in the Senate?

I’m really surprised to hear that you’ve not responded to Alaska Right To Life’s 2018 Candidate Survey.

As one who values teamwork, opposing the status quo, courage, and the willingness to “hold legislators accountable to the people,” I thought you would have been glad to let us know what you’re willing to do to protect Alaskan children in the womb.

Please complete and return the pro-life survey immediately.

Alaska Right to Life will keep me informed about your actions (or inaction) on this issue.