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Assisted Suicide Legislation Rears it’s Ugly Head in Alaska

Representative Harriet Drummond introduced what’s being called “Right-to-Die” legislation in the Alaska Legislature.  This bill (HB99) specifically violates the mission of Alaska Right to Life to “protect and defend innocent human life from the moment of conception until natural end of life”.

Every human being is made in the image of God and is infinitely valuable.  God is the one that determines our beginning and our end.  We should never tolerate legislation that puts suffering and vulnerable people into the position playing God and taking their own life with the help of their doctor.  God’s command “thou shalt not kill” extends to everyone, even in the case of someone contemplating ending their own life.

From a practical standpoint, patients who are given no hope of survival from their doctors are known to have survived and gone on to live profitable and happy lives. (You can read one such story here).  A diagnosis can be wrong and taking one’s own life to escape from a current condition shuts off any hope of recovery.

Assisted suicide, no matter how compassionate it may seem on the surface, is nothing more than a cruel lie.  To the terminally ill, it tells them that there is no meaning to their life and that when they become a “burden” to others suicide is the easiest answer for everyone. It also robs them of something integral to the human spirit – hope. Real compassion takes time and commitment. It means standing by someone and bearing their burden.

Terminally ill patients in Alaska need love, care and protection from those around them.  Instead of killing the pain that terminally ill patients are suffering, these “right to die” activists focus on killing the patient.  Few of them seem enthusiastic about educating healthcare professionals about the amazing advances in palliative care.  Alaska can definitely do better than assisted suicide.

In a state with the highest suicide rates per capita, why would we think it is a good idea to pass legislation that would, in effect, be encouraging suicide?

In an age of soaring healthcare costs and cutbacks, how much longer until the “right to die” becomes the “duty to die?” How much longer until those considered a “burden” on society are systematically denied healthcare and life-saving measures in order to cut costs?

Alaska Right to Life stands in opposition to HB99 and asks that you contact Health & Social Services Committee Chairman Paul Seaton and demand that he not schedule the bill for a hearing.  You can contact Representative Seaton via email at or by phone at 907-465-2689.  It is imperative that we protect and defend all innocent human life!


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