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Pro-Life Activism Is Not a Mission of the Church; It Is THE Mission of the Church

by Rolley Haggard

Now that I have your attention, permit me to explain.

There’s an ongoing debate in Reformed and Evangelical circles regarding the mission of the church. That’s good, because the Body of Christ needs to be clear on what the Head expects the hands and feet to be doing.

But the way one frames the question can greatly affect the answer. So we need to make sure we’re rightly framing the question.

Rightly Framing the Question:
More often than not, the question “What is the mission of the church?” is framed so as to give either the exclusive mission, or the comprehensive mission, rather than the primary mission. As important as the first two are, the third is, by definition, the most important.

Exclusive mission means those things that the church and the church alone has responsibility for. There is no serious debate regarding the exclusive mission of the church. All parties are pretty much agreed that the church’s exclusive mission is to minister the Word of God, particularly in fulfillment of the Great Commission. If the church doesn’t do that, no one else will.

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