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2017 Life Redeemed Benefit Dinner

REDEEMED by God’s amazing grace, Darlene Pawlik knows the difficulties of life.
Darlene was conceived in rape, targeted for sex trafficking at 13 years old – and sold into
prostitution on her 14th birthday. But Darlene definitely knows the value of life too.

Even though Darlene never knew the true value of her own life, she definitely
knew the value of the life growing inside of her. A life that hadn’t been conceived
with wine and roses, but in the most horrible of circumstances.

Thursday, November 16th: 

Eventbrite - 2017 Life Redeemed Anchorage Banquet

Saturday, November 18th – Farm Loop Christian Center (5900 N. Farm Loop Road):

Eventbrite - 2017 Life Redeemed Palmer Banquet

But with God, ALL things are possible. Darlene eventually escaped her
traffickers by faking an abortion – a testament to God’s amazing power
to save and redeem Darlene’s life – and her baby’s life.

To hear the rest of Darlene’s amazing story – and her passion for all life, whether
conceived with wine and roses, or the most horrible of circumstances – you’ve got to join
us at the Alaska Right To Life REDEEMED benefit on November 16 or November 18.

Darlene is a mother of five adult children, and two small grandchildren. She’s a small
business owner, nurse, a speaker and leader on issues surrounding human dignity,
trafficking, and abortion. To Darlene, protecting the Right to Life is just the beginning.


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