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Graduation by Principal

Life rarely goes according to plan… a message for men

Have you ever noticed that life never goes according to plan?  Oh sure, some things work out just like we expected, but for the most part, we’re all quite a ways off from where we expected to be, doing what we’re doing.

Take a ride down memory lane…  did you ever think you’d be sitting in your truck, reading an email or blog post on your phone, drinking a $4 coffee or $3 bottle of water?  Even farther from a not so distant state of disbelief:  maybe you’re drinking oxygenated water from a $36 Yeti Rambler?  THIRTY SIX DOLLARS?!?!?


Yup, life today isn’t what we expected.  Oh sure, some things work out according to plan, but for the most part, we’re all quite a ways off from where we thought we’d be, drinking over priced coffee or water from an over priced mug…

Take this video – an ad – by Principal Financial Group for example.  Dreams and goals are shattered by (admittedly sinful) irresponsibility… followed by responsibility and commitment.  A long commitment.

It’s a simple video, with a simple message – buy life insurance and invest for the future.  But deeper in that message is something we must model and encourage in men, young and old:

Character.  Commitment.  Responsibility.

And when the irresponsible, selfish – and often sinful – decisions that young men seem to make on a daily basis take their lives in a different direction than they wanted to go, it’s time for the men in their lives to come alongside them to model the right character and encourage them to take responsibility for the consequences of their choices, and commit to meeting their new obligations.

In other words, let’s “bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ.”  Galatians 6:2 NASB

Thousands of young people will struggle with unplanned pregnancies this year.

Half of those are young men.

Many attend your church and mine.

And without us… men… modeling character, commitment, and responsibility, they’ll fail to grown their own, keep their own, and take their own.


I never thought I’d drink $4 coffee, and I still don’t drink $3 water, and a $36 Yeti Rambler mug would probably get me in more trouble with my wife than a new gun, but here I am writing a blog post to a wonderful group of people who, in their prayers, giving, and serving, are committed to defending the lives of babies yet born in a world that has devalued character, commitment, responsibility… and innocent human life made in the image of God.

Thank you for your continued commitment to our God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the lives of the Unborn.


In HIS name,


Patrick Martin

Outreach & Development
Alaska Right To Life
(907) 232-2211



Would you consider skipping that coffee, water, or Yeti Rambler?

Invest the cost of your coffee

Invest the cost of a Yeti Rambler


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