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I Used to be Weak in Opposing Rape & Incest Exceptions. I’m Not Anymore.

i used to be weak...One aspect of coming to the March for Life is that you never know who you will meet and what their story may mean.

I used to be, by definition, “weak” on opposing rape and incest exceptions when it came to considering abortion. I didn’t support them, but I didn’t have the fire for opposing them. This was probably due to being resigned to what will likely get passed in a law. Regardless, it wasn’t something I took on.

Looking back I clearly did not put sufficient thought into it, because I was in effect able to let the reality slide that we’re talking about human beings here as much as with every unborn child.

With a powerful culture of death and its lobbyists, and an absence by and large of teaching and preaching the faith, an entire generation-plus has been allowed to selectively choose which of God’s children to acknowledge, albeit unconsciously. I think that must have rubbed off on me some – fight the battle, but pick your battles.

But that’s a sign of the real issue, we often don’t even really think about what’s right in front of us.

Real people in real situations are really dying or facing real devastation and pain, while most of us can hide behind talking points, “choice,” not-really-well-formed consciences, superficiality, and a little bit of giving up.

While the last generation or so has been enabled to fall off the reality wagon when it comes to facing up to the elimination of the “imperfect” unborn, in that same timeframe voices have begun to emerge and step up to fill the silence on the truth of “exceptional” life.

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