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Planned Parenthood and Our School Nurses


Our kids ask us for permission about all manner of things…

  • What to eat and when…
  • Can I stay up late…
  • Can I wear this…
  • Can I go the the movies with…




But Planned Parenthood – and our School Nurses – are telling our kids they DON’T NEED OUR PERMISSION TO:

  • Have sex







  • Buy and use birth control – like condoms

















  • Plan B Emergency Contraception (an ABORTION PILL)








Sound bad?  It gets worse!

Planned Parenthood – and our School Nurses – are now telling our kids that Sexting is OK





  • It’s okay to take, have, or send pictures of naked boys and girls
  • Only take pictures of boys and girls over 16
  • Only send picture of boys and girls over 16


Sorry… I’m not done yet.  Planned Parenthood – and our School Nurses – are now telling our kids that they can have an abortion at any age WITHOUT PERMISSION.


Planned Parenthood – and our School Nurses – want our kids to learn about sex from them, not us


Planned Parenthood – and our School Nurses – want our kids to have sex


Planned Parenthood – and our School Nurses – want our kids to have sex with adults


Planned Parenthood – and our School Nurses – want our kids to create and use pornography


Planned Parenthood – and our School Nurses – want our kids get and use prescription hormone therapy


Planned Parenthood – and our School Nurses – want our daughters to have abortions


Planned Parenthood – and our School Nurses – have just given our kids permission to participate in risky pornographic and sexual behavior, to take prescription drugs, and get abortions at any time, at any age, and without consequence.


It’s time for our School Nurses to hear from us:

Download the School Nurse Flyers














Email ASD Health Services Senior Director John Garrity, at:


  • Call him at (907) 742-4136


Or you can visit him at 5530 E Northern Lights Blvd.  Anchorage, AK 99504


Finally, let’s work together to kick Planned Parenthood out of our schools – and out of our state.


Let’s make abortion illegal – the LIFE At Conception Act protects unborn children from the point of conception and abolishes abortion in Alaska.


Let’s save lives in our churches – most people don’t know that 466 (more than one in three) women that had abortions last year sat next to us at church on Sunday before going to abort their babies Planned Parenthood on Monday.  They simply didn’t know there is another option.


Let’s save lives on the sidewalk outside Planned Parenthoodyour LIFE Defenders bring compassion and help to women considering abortion – and 9 out of 10 women choose life when they learn there is help and support for them and their babies.


Join us and make a difference in lives of Alaska’s unborn and their mothers – as well as our children already being courted by Planned Parenthood.


Give today.


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