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Exclusive Voiceless Movie Premier

Please join the Community Pregnancy Center of Anchorage, Heart to Heart Pregnancy Resource Center in Eagle River, HeartReach Center of Wasilla, Pregnancy Center of the Tanana Valley, and Alaska Right to Life at the free VOICELESS movie premier near you. 


VOICELESS is about a young, reserved, war veteran, who moves to Philadelphia to take a new ministry job and puts his life on the line to stand against an abortion clinic that moved across the street from the church.

VOICELESS addresses the need that nearly every church has yet to fill: ministry to women and men who have suffered the devastating effects of abortion.

VOICELESS attendance is free – there is no charge to join us for the movie.  Alaska Right to Life and partnering Pregnancy Recourse Centers will share opportunities to both invest and volunteer with both ministries.

Register by clicking the buttons below:

Eventbrite - Voiceless Movie Showing - Wasilla

Eventbrite - Voiceless Movie Showing - Anchorage

Eventbrite - Voiceless Movie Showing - Fairbanks


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