The Alaska Right to Life 2018 PAC officially revokes George Rauscher’s previous endorsement(s).

In recent evaluations of Mr. Rauscher’s performance on his commitments to Alaska Right to Life members, his donors, and his voters, Alaska Right To Life has determined that he has broken his pro-life pledge and Alaska Right to Life is revoking any past endorsement(s).  Consider:

  • Mr. Rauscher signed several documents during the campaign season promising that he would sponsor or co-sponsor The Alaska Life at Conception Act.
  • Mr. Rauscher campaigned and raised funds with his Alaska Right To Life PAC endorsement
  • Mr. Rauscher benefited from Alaska Right To Life media campaigns in support of his campaign.
  • Mr. Rauscher was elected to office, in part, based on the Pro-Life interests of voters in District 9
    • District 9 is often ranked the most Pro-Life district in Alaska.
    • There isn’t a better district in which to campaign with an Alaska Right to Life endorsement.
  • Mr. Rauscher immediately jettisoned his commitments to Alaska Right to Life, our members, and the people of District 9 – and across the state – that voted and donated to his campaign based on his Alaska Right to Life endorsement.
  • Mr. Rauscher repeatedly refused Alaska Right to Life appeals to sponsor or co-sponsor the Life at Conception Act.
  • Mr. Rauscher co-sponsored the Abortion Procedures Act (HB 266) in direct opposition to Alaska Right to Life communications condemning the bill.
  • Finally, in a clearly self-serving act, Mr. Rauscher co-sponsored the Life at Conception Act just 46 days before the Regular Session ended.
    • Co-sponsoring any bill that is not actively being presented in committees or scheduled for a hearing is a widely known, but rarely used tactic that only bolsters a legislator’s re-election resume.


George earned his most recent endorsement in June of 2016.

The endorsement was based on his signed Personhood Affirmation  and Pro-Life Legislation Survey on which George committed to uphold several principles as well as Sponsoring / Co-Sponsoring the Alaska Life at Conception Act.










Personhood Affirmation

Mr. Rauscher affirmed in writing that:

  • Affirmation “that life begins at conception.”
  • Affirmation that “all persons have a natural right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness”
  • Affirmation that any vote for legislation containing language in violation of the Personhood Affirmation will be viewed as direct opposition to the Personhood Affirmation.
  • Commitment to “support for the Alaska Life at Conception Act” and other legislation and actions that would support…” the principles outlined in the Personhood Affirmation.

Legislation Commitments

  • Commitment to Sponsor, Co-Sponsor, and Publicly Support the Alaska Life at Conception Act”


January 17 2017 to May 15 2018

  • Co-Sponsored the Abortion Procedures Act (HB 266) on January 16th, 2018, in direct opposition to the Personhood Candidate Affirmation signed 6/10/2016.
  • Co-Sponsored the Life at Conception Act (HB 250) on March 28th, 2018, just 46 days before the regular session ended.
    • During several conversations with Alaska Right To Life staff, to include a meeting on January 2nd, 2018, Mr. Rauscher remarked that co-sponsoring legislation requires great effort and commitment to carry the bill forward, and that he wouldn’t co-sponsor legislation without committing himself to the bill’s passage.


Mr. Rauscher has been instructed to cease from using the Alaska Right to Life name, images, logo, and any reference to past Alaska Right to Life endorsements.

Finally, the staff and board at Alaska Right to Life didn’t make the decision to revoke Mr. Rauscher’s endorsement lightly.  Ultimately, we believe that our duty to the thousands of children that are killed mercilessly by Planned Parenthood abortionists deserve better than promises made in exchange for votes and donations, then broken once elected.

The children that have been killed and are at risk of being killed in their mothers’ wombs deserve better.

The deserve the very best we can do for them.

Tell Representative Rauscher How You Feel

George, I'm really disappointed in you, but I'm still with you on election day.George, I'm really disappointed in you, and you've lost my vote.George, I'm really disappointed in you and you should withdraw your candidacy.






Patrick Martin


The Alaska Right to Life 2018 PAC


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