When Gov. Walker first ran for statewide office he built a strong core of supporters running on a solid pro-life platform. Sadly the allure of power was too great and Gov. Walker has turned his back on Alaska’s pre-born babies. Gov. Walker is pushing for an expansion in Alaska’s Medicaid program that will likely cause a 37% increase in Alaska’s abortion rate.

The good news is that history shows that politicians ultimately respond when they get enough pressure from their constituents. This means that with your help we can stop this evil expansion of baby killing, dead in it’s tracks. Do your part and sign the petition below.


Whereas:   Every abortion is a gruesome act that ends an innocent human life and violates the basic God given right to life and this cannot be tolerated in a civilized society; and

Whereas:   It has been demonstrated by the Lozier Institute research paper that there is a likely 37% increase in the number of annual abortions in Alaska; and

Whereas: Killing pre-born babies is a fundamentally unjust use of government funds and this evil must be stopped;

Therefore:  I the undersigned call on Gov. Walker and the Legislature to oppose Medicaid Expansion in Alaska and to do everything in their power to stop it.