More American lives have been lost in the War on The Preborn than any other American war in history.

Yet the nearly 58 million lives lost have no official monument, no official day of remembrance, no official moment of silence.

But when we join together every year on January 22nd since 1973, we mourn the day America’s highest court ruled that a woman’s right to privacy superseded her children’s right to life.

Join others who mourn the lives lost and look with hope toward the day when the injustice of killing our nation’s innocent preborn babies comes to an end.

The Prayer Service begins at 2 PM

Location:  Enter at the Gate on Cordova St and E 7th Ave

Speakers include

Archbishop Paul Etienne of the Archdiocese of Anchorage

Robert Koruna, President of Alaska Right To Life

Greg Monrad, Executive Director, Anchorage Community Pregnancy Center

Local elected representatives


For more information, please call Bill Smith, Knights of Columbus Pro-Life Representative

(907) 376-4081


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