Live Action has dealt another debilitating blow to Planned Parenthood of America, exposing the disparity between what the nation’s largest abortion provider says publicly and what they do behind closed doors.  Despite their public denials, apparently the practice of aborting babies for the crime of being female is acceptable to our friends at Planned Parenthood.  But don’t take our word for it.  See it for yourself.  The following clips were released this week on Pro-Life activist Lila Rose’s Live Action website:

The “war on women” fabricated by the supposed champions of gender equality may have some validity after all, only the perpetrators are the very folks pointing the finger. The disturbing trend of gender preference as a basis for the preborn’s right to life reveals the stunning hypocrisy of those who seek to create political wedges with allegations of sexism.  The truth is that nothing could be more sexist than denying preborn girls the Right to Life for no other reason than that they are girls.

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