by Steven Ertelt/LifeNews.com

The abortion practitioner who brandished a gun when heading to do abortions at the Charleston Women’s Medical Center abortion facility in West Ashley, South Carolina in October is getting a reduced sentence. Leading pro-life advocates are not happy with the decision.

Gary Boyle, 62, of Blountville, Tennessee, does abortions at the facility near Charleston, South Carolina. Apparently upset at the fact that local pro-life advocates had been participating in the national 40 Days for Life campaign, Boyle met their peaceful presence by pulling a gun.

Boyle drove his silver Lexus vehicle into the parking lot and he allegedly approached the pro-life advocates, including a 17-year-old boy, and produced a black handgun loaded with 15 rounds. As Boyle, who also runs the Bristol Regional Women’s Center abortion facility in Tennessee, made his way to the abortion business, 50-year-old pro-life resident John Karafa called 911.

Police arrested Boyle and charged him with pointing a firearm. In court, police detectives said Broyle, during an interview with police officials, admitted to having a weapon but claimed he pointed it at the ceiling of his SUV and not at any of the pro-life advocates. Boyle told officers he was worried for his life even though pro-life advocates did not threaten him in any way and claimed three pro-life people approached his vehicle. The people at the abortion center that day dispute that claim.

Boyle is officially charged with presenting a firearm, a felony that could have seen him face as many as five years in prison if convicted and sentenced to the maximum term.

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