by Dr. Peter Saunders/LifeNews.com

The link between abortion and premature birth is already well established but largely underplayed or denied by authorities in Britain.

However a new landmark study from Finland published last week in the journal ‘Human Reproduction’ has gained the attention of the British media with the Guardian, Daily Mail and even the BBC running the story. The matter can no longer be ignored.

These media reports are all worth reading but one really needs to read the original paper to grasp its full significance.

Data from all 300,858 first-time mothers in Finland between 1996 and 2008 were analysed. They showed that women were three times more likely to have a very premature baby, born before 28 weeks, if they had had three or more abortions.

All ?rst-time mothers with a singleton birth were identi?ed in the nationwide Finnish Medical Birth Register (MBR) for the period 1996– 2008 and linked to the data in the Abortion Register (AR) for the period 1983 –2008.

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