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Recent disclosure reports show that Planned Parenthood’s various PACs and independent expenditure organizations have already spent nearly $6 million in this election cycle to support Obama and pro-abortion champions while attacking Romney. That’s a lot of cash for a so-called non-profit that survives thanks to government funding that makes up nearly 50 percent of its annual budget.

Planned Parenthood launched a $3.5 million TV campaign with ads running this week in Virginia and next week in Ohio. Virginians were also treated to a glossy mailer slamming Romney. These activities supplement $1.4 million in ads that ran in key swing markets this past June and, according to one senior exec, are just a “down payment” on what’s to come.

Cecile Richards has made her goals clear. She wants Planned Parenthood to be the “largest kick-butt political organization” in the country – and, of course, she wants Obama re-elected so that her coffers continue to be filled with our tax dollars. Nearly 50 percent of Planned Parenthood’s $1 billion in annual revenues comes from you and me in the form of government funding – about $1.5 million a day in local, state, and federal tax dollars. With her trough full of government funding, Richards is free to focus on raising money to support pro-abortion candidates and attack pro-life Republicans.

And, she does it all in the name of “women’s health.” The ads falsely claim that, without Planned Parenthood, women will be left without vital health care services. The truth is that there is a network of more than 8,000 community health centers across this country, serving some 20 million Americans. The truth is that Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms, as Richards has previously claimed. The truth is that these ads are just another dishonest attempt to shift today’s debate away from the Obama’s Administration economic failures.

Last year, Planned Parenthood’s charitable organization had so much money that they could afford to give $6.5 million to its political arm, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. To further Richard’s goal, Planned Parenthood has a network of scores of PACs and even independent expenditure organizations. Richards, who serves as the head of both entities, was a keynote speaker at the Democrat convention, is a devoted Obama campaign surrogate, and has made Planned Parenthood itself a virtual extension of the Obama re-elect campaign.

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