The international 40 Days for Life Vigil is occurring right now and Anchorage is participating. Each day until Nov. 4 individuals and groups will peacefully gather on the sidewalk outside Planned Parenthood at 4001 Lake Otis Parkway to pray for an end to abortion.

Most of us won’t pay much attention. Sadly, not even the compelling story of a woman conceived during rape, who eventually grows close to her birth mother, even though that mother admits she would have aborted her had it been legal at the time, will get us to raise our eyes.

The abortion issue is just too difficult. Instead we’ll make up excuses to hide behind: Shouldn’t judge. Her body; her choice. Just a fetus.

Shouldn’t judge? We judge all the time –smokers; parents yelling at kids; pet owners; other drivers.

Her body? Anyone beyond childhood knows the developing child isn’t merely part of the mother’s body. It is intimately connected, but half the time the baby is a different gender, often has a different blood type and always has different DNA. These are two separate human beings. Two hearts. Two brains. Two lives deserving respect.

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