Contrary to much of the propaganda being pushed by some politicos, the pro-life message is a winner.  Thirteen of the sixteen candidates endorsed by Alaska Right to Life PAC prevailed in the November elections.

If you think that is anomalous, it comes on the heels of a primary election season in which eight out of eleven Alaska Right to Life endorsed candidates won  contested primaries.  Included in that number were two now senators-elect who bested incumbents: Mike Dunleavy of Wasilla, and Peter Micciche of Soldotna.  Alaska Right to Life did independent expenditures for  both.

In the general election, Alaska Right to Life PAC funded two independent expenditures: one for Bob Bell of Anchorage who lost by a mere 59 votes to one of the state’s top Democrat pro-abortion advocates; the other for Pete Kelly of Fairbanks who defeated Democrat incumbent Joe Paskvan.

Alaska Right to Life’s efforts appear to be paying off with the formation of a new pro-life Republican majority in the State Senate.  The House has a large Republican majority as well, but the jury is still out on  whether pro-lifers will be able to move key legislation after House Speaker Mike Chenault invited five Democrats into the Majority coalition.

With a combined 27 endorsed candidates in both elections, and 21 victories,  we at Alaska Right to Life want to pause and give thanks to God that we are one step closer to ending the blight of  abortion in Alaska. If we can retain our gains, and replicate these successes over the next couple election cycles, it is our belief that we can soon close the books on this sad chapter of our State’s history.

To all those intrepid souls who put themselves out there for the cause, whether you won or lost, we are proud to stand with you. And while we intend to win (and expect no less) every time, we believe that standing up for the truth and bearing witness against the moral evil of abortion is crucial, and praiseworthy.  May God bless you all!


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