by Mississippi Right to Life

The Mississippi State Senate, under the leadership of pro-life Lt. Governor Tate Reeves and Public Health Committee Chairman Dean Kirby, has passed Senate Bill 2795 with only eight Senators opposing final passage. Senate Bill 2795 requires that a physician be physically present during a chemical abortion; thus, it bans chemical abortions via an Internet webcam in which the abortionist could be many states away.

Senate Bill 2795 has followed a long and winding path through the legislative process. After passing the House and Senate chambers initially, the legislation went to conference committee. After its conference committee approval, the legislation was passed March 29 in the House under the leadership of pro-life Speaker Phillip Gunn and Public Health Committee Chairman Sam Mims on a vote of 84 to 30.

“Senate Bill 2795 is strong pro-life legislation that is now headed to Governor Bryant,” said Mississippi Right to Life President Barbara Whitehead. “Good medical practice dictates that a doctor should be physically present when a woman undergoes an abortion. This bill will help protect women’s health and save unborn babies’ lives.”

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