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As reported on Wednesday, public resources have been used by the state government in Juneau to impede the First Amendment rights of pro-life protesters. You can read that story and see that video HERE.

In response to that story, Governor Parnell released a statement that he was “surprised to learn that a Department of Administration employee had been directed to park a State vehicle in front of peacefully assembled demonstrators outside the capitol.” The Governor stated that he had “given direction to the Department to ensure this does not happen in the future unless public safety is at risk or the rule of law violated.” You can read his full statement HERE.

Despite the Governor’s statement, things took a turn for the worse the next day. During this second day of pro-life protests, state vehicles were again brought in to block the protesters’ signs. According to observers, not only did the Capitol Chief of Security and Assistant Chief of Security forcibly take a sign from a protester and move it across the street, their actions took a more ominous turn.

As you will see in the following video, the Assistant Chief of Security forcibly moved a protester from where he was standing, apparently knocking him down and hurting him in the process. The Assistant Chief of Security then forcibly took the camera from one of the protesters and shut it off:

Read more from this story HERE.

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