ODefund-PPn Wednesday, Buzzfeed published a community contribution from Personhood USA which prominently featured Live Action’s undercover investigations of Planned Parenthood. The article, titled “8 Outrageous Things Planned Parenthood Was Caught Doing,” was ‘liked’ by more than 10,000 people on Facebook by Friday evening.

The list exposed Planned Parenthood’s dirty business by showing their ready acceptance of racist donations, their misinformation about pregnancy to women, and their lies about mammograms and the health risks of abortion–not to mention the scale of their abortion cash cow.

Some expressed shock and surprise to see what Planned Parenthood was covering up. Others, including several pro-abortion journalists, were indignant that Buzzfeed allowed the pro-life article to be published and demanded that it be removed. Hillary Kelly of The New Republic called the pro-life article “insane,” but had no comment about Planned Parenthood telling a 13-year-old girl to keep the age of her 31-year-old boyfriend a secret.

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