Gemma_Holmes-240x151WESTBURY, U.K., August 28, 2013 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Imagine waking up in a hospital bed unable to move. Doctors tell you that you were in a freak road accident and have been in a coma for three months. You can’t remember any of it. Actually, you can’t remember anything from the past three years of your life.

Doctors then drop a bombshell, telling you that you are twelve weeks pregnant.

When Gemma Holmes, 26, heard the news, she remembers being “just in shock”.

But she chose to keep her baby, despite having no recollection of even being in a relationship.

“I just thought that if this little baby inside me had managed to survive the awful crash then he was meant to be,” she told ITV’s This Morning.

Gemma was riding a scooter last year when she became involved in the grisly accident. She was hurled across a busy road into a lamppost, suffering a broken back and severe head injuries.

She was airlifted to the hospital where doctors did not expect her to survive.

When tests revealed that she was pregnant, doctors suggested abortion to Gemma’s mom Julie, since prescribed surgeries could not be performed on a pregnant woman.

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