Eventbrite - Alaska Right to Life Convention

Alaska Right to Life is excited to announce our first Convention for the purpose of training our local community members with the necessary tools and resources to kick the pro-life movement in Alaska into high gear!

Some of our speakers and workshops include:

  • David Bereit “40 Days for Life”
  • Rebecca Kiessling“The Hard Cases, dealing with the issues of rape and incest”
  • Bobby Schindler (Terri Schiavo Life and Hope Network) – End of Life Issues
  • Gregg Cunningham (Center for Bio-Ethical Reform) – Graphic Photos, Are they Effective?
  • Dan Becker – Personhood USA
  • Bob Bird (Constitutional Scholar) – Constitutional Checks and Balances to the Court System
  • Shirleen Rannals (Local Sidewalk Counselor) – Sidewalk Counseling

We will be updating this information as more of our invited speakers confirm.

Registration is as follows:

Individual: $30.00       Couple: $50.00         Family: $100.00

Childcare will be provided with donations accepted and encouraged.

Eventbrite - Alaska Right to Life Convention

 Or call our office at 907-276-1912

*Draft* Alaska Right To Life Convention Schedule *Draft*

8:00-9:00am – Registration with light Breakfast

9:00-10:00am – Welcome Assembly

 10:00-11:30am- Breakout Sessions:

Rebecca Kiessling – The Hard Cases

Shirleen Rannals – Sidewalk Counseling

 11:30-11:45 – Break

 11:45-1:15 – Breakout Sessions:

David Bereit – 40 Days for Life

 1:15-2:15 – Lunch

 2:15-3:45 – Breakout Sessions:

Dan Becker – Personhood

Gregg Cunningham – Graphic Photos, Do they work?

 3:45-4:00 – Break

 4:00-5:30 – Breakout Sessions:

Bobby Schindler – End of Life Issues

Bob Bird – Constitutional Checks & Balances to the Courts

 5:30-5:45 – Break

 5:45-7:00 – General Assembly with Keynote Speaker, David Bereit

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