What’s the most important thing to do when infants are born alive at Planned Parenthood?

“Pay attention to who’s in the room,” says Dr. DeShawn Taylor, Medical Director Emerita, Planned Parenthood of Arizona.

Obviously, she’s looking for the neonatologist… the specialist that will take care of the baby born alive, right?  No.

Maybe DeShawn is looking for the paramedic that will transport the baby to a hospital, you think.  Silly pro-lifer, that’s not it, either.

Oh.  The mother… she should know, right?  NOPE.

You mean the baby, right?  Nope… not the real issue at Planned Parenthood.

We should just let DeShawn speak for herself:

The Key Is Knowing Who's In The Room

So what’s the secret to who’s in the room?

Watch the whole video for the shocking conversation.  Beware, Dr. Taylor isn’t shy about sharing her abortion practices… “It’s a mess…”

Yeah, It's a Mess

They thought they silenced David Daleiden, from the Center For Medical Progress, whose journalists went undercover to expose the barbaric practice of trafficking aborted baby body parts.

But they were wrong.

Not only did David and his journalists survive Planned Parenthood’s attempts to silence the CMP in Texas last year, their work resulted in a Congressional Investigation and several CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS, including:

  • Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast violated both Texas law and U.S. law when it sold fetal tissue to the University of Texas.


  • Planned Parenthood and Novogenix violated federal law forbidding the sale of fetal tissue


  • Violations of the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act and the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act, and Texas murder statutes.


  • DV Biologics broke federal and California state laws by profiting from the sale of fetal tissue


  • StemExpress illegally profited from the sale of baby body parts.

David’s recent release reminds us that we must be vigilant in our efforts to protect valuable human beings from those who want to make money killing them.  Right here in Alaska we’re facing several significant challenges:

  • Increased state funding of Planned Parenthood and their abortion business


  • Looming medical regulations that open Alaska to 2nd trimester abortions


  • HB54, Representative Harriet Drummond’s Assisted Suicide bill


  • Increased Planned Parenthood propaganda seeking to hide their abortion behind ‘women’s healthcare’


So what can you do?

  • Join a 40 Days For Life vigil.  We know from PP insiders that no-show rates go as high as 75% when there’s a small group of peaceful prayer warriors on the sidewalk!


  • Join the LIFE Defenders sidewalk ministry where no-shows aren’t the goal, but active engagement to turn abortion bound women away from Planned Parenthood and towards life affirming alternatives like the Anchorage Community Pregnancy Center


  • Make some calls and testify:  Harriet Drummond’s HB54 will move to another committee this week, opening another opportunity to defeat her death bill.  Christopher will send an Action Alert as soon as the committee hearing is announced.


  • Finally, join us in prayer for children in the womb, their mothers and fathers, and of course, for those nearing the end of their lives.  From conception to natural death, let us pray for every one created in God’s image, yet threatened by those who should be their greatest advocates, protectors, and providers.


In HIS name,


Patrick Martin

Outreach & Development
Alaska Right To Life
(907) 232-2211


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