The babies and mothers at risk of abortion in Alaska deserve the very best we can do for them…

  • They deserve the very best ministries that we can develop and deliver
  • They deserve the very best legislation that we can write and propose
  • They deserve the very best legislators that will propose and pass principled legislation that reduces and eliminates abortion
  • They deserve the very best governor that will sign into law, enforce, and defend laws that reduce and eliminate abortion.
  • And they deserve our very best efforts every single day.

That’s why I’m asking you to contact Governor Walker again – he still hasn’t appointed one of the three names forwarded by District E – and he needs to appoint a senator that will propose, vote for, and work to pass principled legislation that will reduce and eliminate abortion in Alaska for all time.

Read below and decide for yourself which of the three names below Governor Walker should appoint to Senate Seat E – and then make the call, send the email.

Phone:  (907) 465-3500

Email Governor Walker HERE

1.  George Rauscher

2.  Todd Smolden

3.  Tom Braund

Your voice still counts!  

You can still urge Governor Walker to appoint a Pro-Life Senator to replace Mike Dunleavy

Governor Walker has yet to make his appointment – he has until mid February to chose from the three names sent, or select his own appointee.

Before you contact Governor Walker, take a look at the applicant’s responses to your Personhood Affirmation and Legislative Survey:





Personhood Affirmation

Legislative Survey

Violated Past Endorsements

Todd Smolden

Yes Yes Yes N / A

Tom Braund












N / A

George Rauscher

NO George Rauscher 2016 Personhood Affirmation George Rauscher 2016 Legislative Survey

Refused to Sponsor / Co-Sponsor The Life At Conception Act, HB 250

Co – Sponsored HB 266 in violation of Personhood Pledge

Signed Personhood Affirmation and Legislative Survey 06/10/2016

Contact Governor Walker

Phone:  (907) 465-3500

Email Governor Walker HERE

Prior to the voting on January 15th, Alaska Right To Life called, emailed, and met with as many of the applicants as possible.  We spent time in Representative Rauscher’s office on January 2nd, spent a day with both George Rauscher and Tom Braund in Glennallen at the District 9 Convention, and corresponded with Todd Smolden via email.

Personhood Affirmation

Each applicant was given multiple opportunities to respond to our calls and emails, to read the Personhood Affirmation which, when signed affirms:

  • “…in the face of compelling biological evidence, that a continuum of human life and personhood begins at the moment of conception / fertilization and ends at natural death,”
  • “…the ethical treatment of human embryos must include their “best interests.”
  • “AND THEREFORE, as a candidate for public office, I affirm my support for the Alaska Life at Conception Act” and other legislation and actions that would support these principles.”
  • “This would assure that regardless of
    • race
    • age [from conception to natural death]
    • degree of disability
    • manner of conception
    • circumstances surrounding a terminal illness
  • “That the rights of the preborn at an embryonic or fetal level, the elderly and those with mental or physical infirmities are protected by law, and are violated when we allow
    • destructive embryonic stem cell research
    • therapeutic or reproductive cloning
    • animal human hybrids
    • infanticide
    • euthanasia
    • assisted suicide
    • abortion


Above the signature line on the Personhood Affirmation, each candidate and appointment applicant receives the following warning:

The AKRTL PAC will regard a vote for legislation containing language in violation to that described above as a vote in direct opposition to the Affirmation you signed.

This action will result in immediate removal of your AKRTL PAC endorsement and will be reported in subsequent communications from Alaska Right to Life to the grassroots activists in our state.”



By signing the Personhood Affirmation, each candidate and appointment applicant makes the following promise:

As a candidate for and holder of public office I agree to uphold these principles and positions.

When you consider both the duties and benefits of serving in public office, please consider the promises each of these men made towards the ending of abortion – killing innocent preborn babies – and let Governor Walker know whom you think has – and will most effectively strive for the protection of all life, from conception to natural death.


Contact Governor Walker and Urge him to appoint the a senator to District E that will protect all innocent human life – from conception to natural death.

Call_NOW.jpg  Call Governor Walker at (907) 465-3500

Email.jpg   Email Governor Walker HERE

Please URGE Governor Walker to Appoint a Pro-Life Senator To District E



Patrick Martin
Alaska Right To Life
(907) 232-2211


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