HB 54, an Assisted Suicide Bill will be considered in Health and Social Services Committee today at three.

The committee hearing is closed for public comment, but you can listen HERE.

If you want to influence the conversation today, please email the committee members HERE.

If you have time before the hearing, the legislators in the committee may appreciate a bit of guidance by way of questions that you can call / email them with – it’s not too late!


How will the death be reported on the death certificate?  

  • HB 54 is not clear, but has language that may be interpreted to require deaths under the bill to be reported as due to a “terminal disease” and/or “Natural”
  • If so, HB 54 will create the perfect crime and/or allow legal murder.  Please see the post below regarding Delaware’s pending bill, which addresses this same issue (the death certificate is discussed towards the bottom of the post) HERE

Where in the bill is the concept of COERCION addressed?

Rep. Drummond’s sponsor statement says:  “The bill specifically requires the request process to stop immediately if there is any evidence of coercion.”

But a word search of ‘COERCION’ doesn’t result in any such text or concept in the bill language.  Sponsor statements don’t make law.  Bill language makes law.

What is Rep. Drummond hiding?


Where in the bill are the attending and consulting physicians required to work regularly and closely with terminally ill patients?


Representative Drummond’s sponsor statement states:

“The laws further requires the two physicians who work regularly and closely with terminally ill patients to be involved throughout the request process.

She also says:

“These two qualified and independent diagnoses ensure against coercion”


How will a correct diagnosis eliminate the risk of coercion?

A Michigan Right To Life article shows how a family was coerced and threatened by hospital staff because they made the right diagnosis.  Read more HERE.

Credit:  Margaret Dore works tirelessly to combat Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia bills and the questions and comments above are credited to her.  To contact Margaret, please email her HERE.



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