Since The Election



Since The Session Started


Here, Representative Gary Knopp is seen flying out of Juneau to Kenai on Wednesday, February 13th, with TWO working days left in the week.  If he returns to work on Monday, that will have been 35 days of no work, no pro-life bills in this session.

After signalling that he would vote for Representative Talerico as House Speaker, Gary Knopp went against his word and opposed Mr. Talerico’s election again Tuesday Morning.  When questioned about his promises to vote for Mr. Talerico, Gary responded that he would support a Republican nominee:  HIMSELF!


For 49 years, the policy governing Alaskan children waiting to be born allows a mother to kill her baby right up to the moment of birth, so long as a licensed physician performs the killing in a medical facility that is also licensed for such a gruesome task.


You’re reading this because the idea of killing babies before they’re born, while they’re being born (Virginia governor Ralph Northam), and even after they’re born is not just the goal, but a current reality in many states – possibly including Alaska – but more on that later.


I’m writing this – and you’re reading it because we’re pursuing a different policy:

  • Innocent human life is to be valued, cherished, and protected from the moment of conception to natural end of life.

  • Science is clear:  life begins at conception.

  • Our laws must reflect accurate science, philosophy, and morality.

Right now, one man stands in the way of introducing, debating, and passing laws protecting innocent children waiting to be born:

Gary Knopp, from District 30 in Kenai.

Gary Knopp was an Alaska Democrat for at least 26 years, until he registered to run for office as a Republican in 2010.  Mr. Knopp served on the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly until he won the District 30 House Seat in 2016 as a Republican
29 days and counting into this legislative session, nobody is hindering your ability to introduce and fight for legislation that will protect babies waiting to be born like Representative Gary Knopp.  It seems Mr. Knopp has returned to the party of abortion as he continues to demand Republicans surrender their majority to the Democrats, destroying every chance of introducing and passing legislation that will save lives and lead us to the end of abortion in Alaska.
If Mr. Knopp doesn’t stop obstructing Pro-Lifers and Republicans in the House, we’ll lose this year to pro-abortion Democrats.

What can you do?


  1. It’s time to let Gary Knopp know how you feel.  Fill out the form below and let we’ll send him your thoughts about his obstruction of our ability to protect Alaskan babies waiting to be born.
  2. Attend the Special Kenai/Soldotna Chamber Breakfast Friday the 15th.  We’ll send you RSVP links shortly.
  3. Attend the town hall meeting Friday evening (we’ll email the details when we get them)


Open Letter to Representative Gary Knopp

Mr. Knopp,

While there are many issues demanding action and resolution for the people of Alaska, I’m most concerned that your alliance with pro-abortion Democrats in a power struggle that, if you are successful, will destroy all hopes of passing pro-life legislation during the 31st Legislature.

By siding with pro-abortion Democrats, you’re standing in the way of pro-life legislation being introduced, debated, and voted on.

It’s clear now that you returned to your roots as a pro-abortion Democrat shortly after your 2018 re-election.


– It’s been nearly 97 days since the elections and your actions have prevented the Legislature’s work since.


– Your actions have obstructed and opposed pro-life legislation for at least 29 days since the session began.

– You have sided with Democrats and opposed Republican candidates for House Speaker several times

– If you are successful, pro-life legislation will die in the House regardless of support of pro-lifers in the Senate and Governor’s office.


Your actions are inconsistent with the promises you made to your voters and Alaskans when you ran for election – and reelection – as a Republican candidate.

Your obstructionist actions must end and I am calling on you to advance the cause of life in the Alaska House by voting for a Pro-Life Speaker.