Alaska Right to Life is expanding our stand against the evil of abortion with a powerful 11-message advertising campaign, backed by a $34,000 budget.

These 2-minute ads shine a light on the destruction that abortion reaps on babies and women while highlighting the life-affirming work being done to rescue babies and provide essential support to families facing unplanned pregnancies

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Helps establish the necessary foundation for further discussions around the concept of equal protection in all cases – especially in the case of protecting babies from abortion.

14th amendment

How did the concept of “equal protection” come into existence in American law?  The 14th Amendment ushered in the era of equal protection for all persons in America.


Motherhood is often portrayed as dysfunctional in an age where women are encouraged to find their worth and value outside the home and apart from families and children.  “Motherhood” helps lay the foundation for a positive and empowering picture of motherhood.


From Homer Simpson to Al Bundy, fathers are presented as dumb, useless, and absent.  Breaking the chains of generational apathy and absence is what fatherhood is all about.

Abortion Hurts

This video ends the debate: Do you only care about having a baby be born — or do you care about women and their babies before and after the baby is born.

She Will Rise Above

An encouraging and empowering message facilitating the conversation that is important to mothers struggling with unplanned pregnancies – that they can overcome their difficulties, succeed in life and parenting, and we’re here to help.

surviving abortion

Abortion Survivors Network’s Founder and CEO Melissa Ohden tells her story of surviving an abortion.

what makes a hero

For more than 50 years men have been told they don’t have a voice when it comes to the abortion debate – and even the abortions that take their children’s lives.  But men can stand up and do the right thing.

the unthinkable

Regardless of how children are conceived, each is a precious gift from God – as are their mothers.  In the most horrific cases, both mother and child deserve care, compassion, and justice.

late term abortion is real

Planned Parenthood claims “there is no such thing as ‘late-term abortion,’” but as you’ll see, late-term abortions are a specialty of the abortion giant.

When Roe v Wade was overruled by Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health in 2022, many believed that was the beginning of the end of abortion in America.

The reality is that 50(+) years of pro-abortion indoctrination across all spheres of life in America has left Alaska deeply wounded by the war over women’s autonomy and children’s right to life.

The videos you’ve previewed above gently move Alaskans towards a more compassionate, accurate, and just understanding of what’s at stake in the battle over a baby’s right to life.

Alaska Right to Life will release one video per week over the next 11 weeks (one video is still in production) on social media platforms, this website, and for download by churches and other organizations that can help spread the message.

Donations to help distribute these videos are 100% tax-deductible gifts to Alaska Right to Life, Inc., a non-profit, tax-exempt education, and ministry organization under 501(C)3 of the IRC.

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