Equal Protection & justice

We’ve discussed the routes available to end abortion in Alaska several times.

We’ve identified the options available in part based on the key problems Alaskan babies waiting to be born are facing.

A Runaway Court

Alaska’s Courts decreed in 1997 that abortion is a constitutional right that they interpreted from our Article 1, Section 22 right to privacy.

This was clearly a violation of the Constitution for many reasons.  Most simply, we can point to Justice Alito’s controlling opinion in the case that overruled Roe v Wade when he made it abundantly clear that the constitution provides no provision for abortion whatsoever.

We can also point to the fact that the Alaska Supreme Court was trying to amend our constitution.  However, Article 13, Section 1 makes it clear that only the people and the Legislature have the authority to amend the Constitution.

So in a very simple and direct application of the Alaska Constitution, the Alaska Supreme Court cannot amend the constitution and their interpreted “abortion right” is null and void.

Alaska’s Judiciary exercised the Legislature’s authority once again in 2001 when they ordered the State to pay for abortions performed on Medicaid recipients, claiming yet another interpreted right to abortion and now, abortion funding.

However, Article 9 of Alaska’s Constitution prohibits spending except “by law,” meaning that every dollar spent by Alaska’s government must be appropriated by the legislature in a budget that is passed by a majority of both House and Senate and signed into law by the Governor.

Ordering the government to spend money that the Legislature has not appropriated is a violation of the constitution and is not enforceable.

Now that we’ve identified that Alaska’s Courts have violated the constitution by taking the people’s exclusive right to amend the constitution, exercising the legislature’s exclusive authority to appropriate and spend money, and the governor’s exclusive authority to direct the administration of the government, we can then get to the most despicable abuse of judicial power.

Missing in Action

The second major challenge facing Alaskans waiting to be born is an apathetic and indifferent legislature and governor. 

While this isn’t a new problem, our legislature has certainly become more indifferent over the past 20 years. 

Part of that problem is the dishonesty of Republican candidates who claim to be pro-life, but then haul off and form coalitions with pro-abortion Democrats. 

Another serious issue we’re facing is the prolific persecution of pro-life legislators in both House and Senate.  Think I’m wrong?  When’s the last time you saw a legislator rally the House or Senate for a pro-life bill?

We’ve seen the same thing in the Governor’s office as well.  Fifty years ago Governor Terry Miller vigorously opposed the pro-abortion efforts the activists in the State Senate pushed time and again. 

The insatiable desire to legalize killing babies made Alaska the only state where the Legislature overturned the Governor’s veto of their abortion legalizing bill in 1970.  Since 1970, we haven’t seen a governor rally the state to protect babies waiting to be born.

The problem is clear:  unless all three branches of government are willing to violate the constitutional rights of babies waiting to be born, the abortion proponents and activist judges can only voice their opinions; they have “neither authority nor force; only opinion.”

However, Alaska’s Governors and Legislatures have surrendered their authority to the Courts.





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Alaska Right to Life

As Alaskans committed to ending abortion for over 45 years, we’re just like you – we’re everyday Alaskans with jobs, and families, living the Alaskan dream, and we want abortion to end and all innocent human lives protected – especially the most innocent and vulnerable.

Alaska Right To Life understands how hard it is to save a single life.  We continue to build coalitions with other ministries, churches, and other advocacy and political groups so that we can protect innocent human lives in any and every way possible.

Alaska Right to Life has helped Alaskans get involved, serve in ministry, influence elections and legislation and save babies’ lives since 1973.

Since Roe v Wade has been overruled, every effort to protect babies’ lives has become more urgently important than ever before.  

And because Roe has been overturned AND nothing in Alaskan abortion law has changed, everything in the battle for babies’ lives must.

Things have never been so certain, yet uncertain as they are today.  

Nothing in Alaska’s abortion law or court decrees changes with Roe overturned.  

EVERYTHING in Alaska’s abortion politics changes now that Roe is overruled.

Alaska’s abortion politics MUST change.

Now that Roe is gone, we know several things must change in Alaska: 

We must stop electing lawmakers who are indifferent to the killing of Alaskan babies. 

We must stop advocating for laws that conform to Roe v Wade or compromise on the humanity of babies waiting to be born.

We must surround every abortion facility in Alaska with ministries that help mothers struggling with unplanned and crisis pregnancies get the help and support they need to parent their babies.  

We must promote and support our Pregnancy Resource Centers – the need for their services must grow as access to abortion is restricted and eliminated.

With Roe v Wade overturned, Planned Parenthood and their Abortion Lobby in the Legislature are pulling out all the stops to protect what they have – abortion on demand from conception to birth, without exception, and paid for with your money and mine.

The battle for babies has never been more urgent than right now. 

If we are not successful in electing new legislators and a governor who will not compromise on the humanity of babies… 

If we are not successful in defining privacy in Alaska to exclude abortion…If we are not successful in prohibiting your money from paying for babies to be murdered…

If we are not successful in advancing legislation that provides for equal protection and equal justice for babies…

If we are not successful in surrounding every abortion facility in Alaska with ministries that serve mothers and protect their babies…

If we fail at protecting babies at the abortion center and in the halls of our Legislature, Alaska’s status as an ‘Abortion Safe State’ will be enshrined.

But just think about how this could turn out:

  • Babies are saved at every abortion facility
  • Activist judges removed from the bench
  • Equal protection and justice from conception are provided in our laws
  • Pregnancy Resource Centers provide care and help for mothers and their families
  • Babies are no longer murdered in Alaska