“The basic fact is simple:

life begins… at conception.”

Ashley Montague, Geneticist and Professor at Harvard and Rutgers Universities


Yet, the laws in Alaska arbitrarily ignore the humanity of pre-born children and legally define them as property, not as persons. 

The Alaska LIFE At Conception Act is based on accurate science and constitutional law, and it guarantees the right to life to all persons from Conception to natural end of life.

I, the undersigned call on Alaska’s Governor and all Legislators to do everything in your power to enact the “Alaska Life at Conception Act” and protect all innocent human Life from the moment of conception.

The LIFE At Conception Act defines children in the womb – from the point of conception to birth – as Natural Persons.



It’s time to make the Life at Conception Act law. You have a rare chance in Alaska – and America’s – history to redeem our state from a tragic evil that has killed countless pre-born Alaskans while wounding tens of thousands of Alaskan women.

It’s time to make the Life at Conception Act law and I am calling on you to perform your duty as my elected representatives to do the will of the people, to face the difficult but worthy task of being a voice for the voiceless in our state’s government and defending those who can’t defend themselves, who’s rights and protections were stripped from them by previous legislatures, governors, and the courts.

It’s time to make the Life at Conception Act law and bring an end to abortion in Alaska.

Alaska Right to Life will let me know when you sponsor or co-sponsor the Life at Conception Act – and if you refuse.

Urgently and respectfully,