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potentially pro-life bill came almost out of nowhere and is headed to the Alaska House Floor for a vote – and they might just have the votes to pass the bill.

This bill could end abortion in Alaska, and we urgently need your signature on a petition supporting critically needed changes before it gets voted on. 

We’re short on time – we have until May 15th to collect and submit petitions to protect babies from abortion.

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House Bill 107, is a criminal law definitions bill, meaning that it defines terms within our criminal law.

The bill defines what it means to be a person and when life begins

HB 107 DEFINES conception as the beginning of the biological development of a human organism, when the sperm and egg fuse.  This is a biblical and scientific fact that we have been working to establish for nearly 50 years. 

While conception was a significant point of contention in Roe v Wade, it was completely ignored in Alaska’s 1997 Valley Hospital opinion. 

Roe argued that we didn’t know when life begins in 1973, even though the 1964 Life magazine I’m holding below clearly established that human life begins at conception.  In contrast, Valley Hospital did not reference the humanity of children in the womb a single time.

Presenting the Life at Conception Act, HB 205, to the House Health and Social Services Committee with Representative David Eastma March 14, 2024.

Nearly 8 days before pregnancy begins, a new life is started when sperm and egg fuse.  New DNA is created, and the newly formed created child is living and growing all on his own until he is implanted in his mother’s uterus.

Because that newly formed life has a human mother, and a human father, she is necessarily human, and because she is growing, she is most certainly alive.

Despite the establishment of these facts, our laws and our courts have ignored the humanity of babies waiting to be born.  Abortion robs them of their human rights, their rights of personhood, and their precious lives. 

HB 107 DEFINES children in the womb from the moment of conception as ‘natural persons.’  Current abortion law and court opinions ignore the humanity of the babies killed by abortion.  They also ignore the rights outlined in our Constitution guaranteed in Article 1, Section 1 of our Constitution:

“All persons have a natural right to life, equality, equal rights, and equal protections under the law…”


HB 107 has many challenges to overcome in becoming law, but its biggest hurdles come after being signed into law.

Legislative insiders are convinced that HB 107 has at least 21 votes in the House, though the Senate will be much more difficult.  Regardless, babies deserve our best efforts at every opportunity.

Once HB 107 becomes law, it will immediately be attacked in the courts – and our pro-abortion activist judiciary will be glad to kill it.  If they could, they’d kill it without a single hearing because the bill could outlaw every abortion in Alaska.

Their reasoning for killing the bill is simple: the Alaska Supreme Court ruled on abortion in the infamous 1997 Valley Hospital v Mat-Su Coalition for Choice case in which they:

  • ESTABLISHED that “reproductive rights are fundamental.”
  • CREATED the “constitutional right to abortion.”
  • PROTECTED the “right to abortion” within the Article 1, Section 22 right to privacy.
  • NARROWED Due Process rights to exclude any person or interest outside of a pregnant woman and her abortionist.
  • PROHIBITED any efforts to regulate or abolish abortion by asserting that killing babies is protected under a mother’s right to privacy.

I’ve written and spoken many times on the Court’s egregiously wrong and wild abuse of the Constitution, so let’s get to the point about the Valley Hospital case and why amending HB 107 is a good way to protect babies from being killed by abortion.  Valley Hospital:

  • VIOLATED the Constitution by “creating” the “right to abortion.”  Courts don’t create rights.
  • TRAMPLED ON babies’ Constitutional rights to life, liberty, equality, equal rights, and equal protections under the law.
  • ABUSED their Constitutional authority by defining privacy in any way.  The Constitution says that only the Legislature can define what rights and activities are protected by the right to privacy.

“The right of the people to privacy is recognized and shall not be infringed.  This section shall be implemented by the Legislature.”  Article 1, Section 22 of Alaska’s Constitution

The right to privacy was never meant to create or protect a right to kill babies in any circumstance.  Alaskans amended our Constitution in 1972 because we were worried about our digital privacy – kind of ironic these days given what I used to write this, and what you’re reading it on.

Alaska’s Supreme Court went way beyond Roe v Wade in Valley Hospital in reasoning that a pregnant woman’s right to privacy was somehow so exclusive, and so powerful, that she and an abortionist could contract to kill her baby, without any consideration for her defenseless baby.

Additionally, the Constitution says that only the Legislature can define the rights and activities that privacy protects – and likewise excludes. 

But the Courts stole the Legislature’s authority to define privacy leaving Alaska’s pro-life Legislators shocked and confused.

In hindsight, their response should have been obvious: overturn the opinion by either legislation or resolution, and immediately impeach every Supreme Court Justice that presided over the Valley Hospital ruling.

The Legislature lost its opportunity to impeach those Justices, but they can still overturn the Court’s privacy definition in HB 107:

Interpretation of the Right to Privacy

Acts not protected under right to privacy. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the intentional taking of innocent human life before, during, or after birth is not protected by the right to privacy recognized in art. I, sec. 22, Constitution of the State of Alaska.

Abortion in Alaska depends on the 1997 Valley Hospital case that created and protected the “right to abortion” under Alaskans’ Constitutional Right to Privacy.

House Bill 107 is a criminal law definitions bill that:

  • Recognizes that Human Life begins at conception.
  • Defines ALL Human Life as persons in the eyes of the law.
  • Criminalizes abortion from conception.

Stop activist judges by excluding abortion from the right to privacy in Alaska.

Without this amendment, Alaska’s courts will continue to claim that the ‘right to abortion’ is protected by Alaska’s constitutional right to privacy.  

Without this amendment, Alaska’s courts will continue to claim that the ‘right to abortion’ is protected by Alaska’s constitutional right to privacy.  

Without this amendment, Alaska’s Courts will continue their egregiously wrong and unconstitutional abortion tyranny on Alaskans.
It is time to end this injustice by:

  • EXCLUDING ABORTION from the right to privacy.
  • RECOGNIZING the humanity and personhood of children at all ages and stages of development.
  • PROHIBITING ABORTION from the moment of conception.


The 2022 Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health opinion that overturned Roe v Wade affirmed that there is no constitutional right to abortion in either the Federal or any State Constitution.

DOBBS opened a direct route to protecting babies, making it clear that the right to abolish abortion belongs to the people and their representatives.

The DOBBS opinion opened a direct route to protecting babies:

  • Dobbs affirmed that there is no right to abortion in the US Constitution.
  • Dobbs made it clear that the “right” to abortion cannot be inferred or interpreted.
  • Dobbs gets rid of the specter of pro-abortion judicial overreach that has haunted Pro-Lifers for 50 years: the right to abolish abortion “belongs to the people and their representatives.”

We are not waiting another 50 years for Alaska’s Courts to correct their deadly errors like the US Supreme Court did in overturning Roe.
The time to act is NOW.

Your voice matters in this urgent fight to recognize the humanity and personhood of all children, regardless of their age or stage of development.

Together, we can ensure that Alaska’s laws reflect our values and provide equal protection and justice for all persons, born and unborn.

Please sign the petition before the CRITICAL May 15 DEADLINE to amend HB 107 and protect innocent children in Alaska.


Do you pray for an end to abortion in Alaska?  If so, there is something urgent that you need to know…

Even though Roe v Wade is in the dustbin of history, the abortion industry is ramping up its efforts here in Alaska with more chemical abortions than we’ve ever seen along with more abortion advocates in the Legislature than at any time in Alaska’s history.

We will fight to protect babies until every child is ensured the right to life, equal protection, and equal justice as both God and our Constitution require.

This is where you come in.

With lives hanging in balance, I hope you will sign this urgent pledge and commit to stand for life!

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As Alaskans committed to ending abortion for over 45 years, we’re just like you – we’re everyday Alaskans with jobs, and families, living the Alaskan dream, and we want abortion to end and all innocent human lives protected – especially the most innocent and vulnerable.

Alaska Right To Life understands how hard it is to save a single life.  We continue to build coalitions with other ministries, churches, and other advocacy and political groups so that we can protect innocent human lives in any and every way possible.

We have helped tens of thousands of Alaskans get involved, serve in ministry, save babies, influence elections and legislation, and save lives since 1973.


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