A handful of Alaska House Republicans voted for abortion funding in the state budget today, nearly guaranteeing Alaskans will pay for babies to be killed.

Below is the vote board showing these 5 Republicans joined Planned Parenthood and the abortion lobby in killing Amendment 36, which could have prohibited taxpayer money from being used to kill babies.

The amendment details – along with the Representatives’ phone numbers and email addresses – are all below.

Republican Representatives Saddler, Sumner, Prax, Ruffridge, and Stutes sided with the Abortion Lobby today in voting against the ONLY budget amendment that would have saved hundreds of babies.

Representative Stutes would never vote to protect babies’ lives, but even without her vote, the amendment would have passed, and babies’ lives could have been saved.

Hundreds of babies would have had a fighting chance had these Republicans honored the children at risk and the pro-life Alaskans they represent.

Representative Dan Saddler, Eagle River
Representative Jesse Sumner, Wasilla
Representative Mike Prax, North Pole
Representative Justin Ruffridge, Soldotna
Representative Louise Stutes, Kodiak

How many babies’ lives could have been saved?  The State of Alaska paid for 758* babies to be killed here in Alaska – or flown to Washington and Oregon for late-term abortions in 2022.

Where do we get those numbers from?  The State of Alaska produces the Induced Termination of Pregnancy (ITOP) Report every year, showing 546 babies were killed in Alaska last year with tax-payer money.

The State does not report the number of babies killed by abortion outside of Alaska – but they do collect that data, and based on insider information we obtained in 2019, for every 10 babies killed in Alaska, 4 more are carried to Washington and Oregon to be killed in late-term abortion, bringing the total number of Alaskan babies killed with taxpayer money to 758.

The Amendment, Number 36, would have protected babies from being killed by abortion in next year’s operating budget focused on a few key budgeting objectives.

First, it prohibited the State from transferring any money into the Medicaid Services account for abortions.

Next, Amendment 36 reduced portions of the Medicaid budget by $1,000,000, reflecting the total estimated cost of killing babies in 2022.

Finally, by setting the budget values for abortion, Amendment 36 sets the exact amount that the State of Alaska can spend for abortions: $0.00

Paying for babies to be killed is not a Republican value.  It certainly is not a value for elected representatives that are allied with or endorsed by pro-life groups like Alaska Family Council and Pro-Life Alaska.

These legislators need to hear from you and me their votes are outrageous violations of Alaskan babies’ right to life and the trust that voters have put into them in solidly pro-life districts like Eagle River, Wasilla, North Pole, and Soldotna.


When you call, be prepared to stand your ground.  Legislators and their staff often resort to all kinds of tactics to confuse, distort, and even to offend.

The issue is simple: 

1. Amendment 36 would have prohibited the state from spending even a cent to pay Planned Parenthood’s abortion invoices.

2. Planned Parenthood endorsed abortion advocate CJ McCormick moved to table (kill) Amendment 36.

3. These Republican Representatives voted with Planned Parenthood abortion advocates to table (kill) the only budget amendment that would have saved hundreds of babies’ lives.

They’ll tell you that ‘tabling’ an amendment simply sets it aside.  In a sense, that’s true, but bringing the amendment back up for debate requires a vote that few, if any will support.  Generally, once an amendment is tabled, it’s impossible to bring it ‘off the table.’

They may also tell you that the budget already has a section that prohibits Medicaid funds from being spent on abortions.  That is true.  However, 20(+) years of abortion funding history makes it clear that what they are describing is unenforceable.

Should politicians mention the Medicaid funding section in the budget, kindly ask them how effective that has been in the past, and how that might prevent the State from paying abortion invoices from any other part of the budget.