“The basic fact is simple:

life begins… at conception.”

Ashley Montague, Geneticist and Professor at Harvard and Rutgers Universities

Yet, the laws in Alaska arbitrarily ignore the humanity of children in the womb and effectively define them as property, not as persons.

Consider where the past 52 years have brought us:

  • Alaska was among the first states legalizing abortion in 1970, three years before Roe v Wade.
  • Alaska leads the nation again as a model state for abortion access according to the Guttmacher Institute and NARAL / Pro-Choice America.
  • Alaska is one of the few states with “Constitutional Protections” to abortion access.
  • Alaska is one of the few states with no meaningful restrictions on abortions from the moment of conception to birth.
  • Alaska is also one of the few states that pays for nearly 3 out of 4 babies it kills every year.
  • Alaska is one of the few states that pays for babies to be killed in another state.


The LIFE At Conception Act

The end of abortion in Alaska

The LIFE At Conception Act is a comprehensive bill that eliminates legalized child killing in Alaska from the moment of conception without exception to the child’s age, level of development, disability, sex, nature of conception, or any other distinguishing characteristic.

The LIFE At Conception Act protects all innocent human life from the moment of conception to natural death by addressing several points in Alaska’s Constitutional and Statutory Laws:

  • Eliminates abortion access from the right to privacy, as found in Article 1, Section 22 of the Alaska State Constitution.
  • Defines children in the womb from the moment of conception as ‘natural persons.’
  • Defines conception as the beginning of the biological development of a human organism, when the sperm and egg fuse.
  • Defines abortion as the action taken before or during the birth of a child with the intent to kill the child.
  • Repeals Alaska’s abortion laws and statutes, primarily Alaska Statute 18.16.
  • Creates criminal penalties for any intentional killing of a child at any age equivalent to negligent homicide, murder, or any other intentional killing of a person.