Abortion: The Ultimate Child Abuse

During The Alaska Children’s Trust presentation to the House Judiciary Committee Monday, February 20th, Representative Eastman was scored some pro-life points by pointing out the abortion lobby’s hypocrisy of opposing child abuse while remaining the most prolific purveyor of child abuse in America’s history.

For that, the abortion industry and their advocates in the Legislature and the press have been working overtime showing what happens to anybody who dares point out that if we must protect babies waiting to be born just as much as every child this side of the womb.

abortion advocate rep. andrew gray

Planned Parenthood funded Democrat Andrew Gray lost his cool and couldn’t even speak after Eastman exposed the evil and hypocrisy of the abortion lobby and its allies.

But when he did speak, he lost his rainbow infused, abortion loving mind as you can see below:


Early in his exchange with Trevor Storrs, the Alaska Children’s Trust’ CEO, Representative Eastman asked Mr. Storrs to respond to a question pro-lifers are challenged with on a regular basis…

If you’ve never gotten an abortion proponent to argue for the idea that a child killed by abortion is better off dead than being born into a difficult life, you may not be having enough conversations with abortion proponents.

They usually offer this as a last ditch effort after all of their other “good” and “rational” arguments are destroyed by sound reasoning from the Bible and biological sciences (not to mention the Constitution).

Then they make their last ditch effort by appealing to our compassion for the child by painting a picture that every baby not killed by abortion will be born into terrible circumstances, abuse, violence, rape, drugs, criminality, and a lifetime on government assistance and jail sentences.

So for the sake of the babyand the taxpayer who must pay for his government assistance and jail time (because the reason we’re all pro-life is we’re fiscal conservatives, right?), we’re all better off by killing the baby before he’s born, is the argument we hear almost as often as ‘the clump of cells’ argument.

What Representative Eastman did here is to ask the same question, but without revealing the abortion context.

Had Eastman revealed the full context of his question, do you think he would have gotten a straight answer from Mr. Storrs?

Of course not.

But as you can see in the video below, Mr. Storrs was more than glad to show the hypocrisy of the Abortion Lobby and a worldview that is devoid of God and sees value in the lives of children only after they are born – and as you’ll see, only as units of economic cost or production.

A full transcript is available HERE.




So what is it that is so bad about the Alaska Children’s Trust and their socialistic / utilitarian work that defines children as state resources with an average lifetime economic value of $1.5 million?

It could be that the ‘Trust’ considers children to be state resources.

It could be that the ‘Trust’ has placed an economic value on people – beginning at birth.

It could be that the ‘Trust’ is led in part by prominent members of the Abortion Lobby.

And it could be that the ‘Trust’ is currently advocating for abortion-inducing contraceptives in Alaska.

Finally, it could be that the ‘Trust’ refuses to take a public stance on abortion, which is understandable since an anti-child abuse organization can’t be seen supporting abortion publicly, while it cannot be seen opposing abortion with Planned Parenthood-funded politicians on its board.

the alaska surrender caucus

Otherwise known as the House Republican Majority – a vanity title if one ever existed, the House Republicans, who claim to be in charge, responded to the Abortion Lobby’s censuring resolution by diving for cover behind and underneath their heartiest YEA votes.

That’s right.  Every Republican in the House surrendered with Planned Parenthood and the Abortion Lobby without a single shot fired back in defense of Eastman – or life.

We’ve got to remember that this has very little to do with Representative Eastman, except that he was the messenger… so much for not shooting the messenger, huh?

What this is really about is the war for babies’ lives, and the profit the abortion lobby generates by killing children.

What this is really about is the Abortion Lobby’s control over the Legislature and our state.

Sound a bit over the top?

Stop and consider that other “pro-life” groups endorsed 16 of the 21 Republicans in the House, and Planned Parenthood endorsed 12 of the Democrats and allied unaffiliated House Representatives.

That’s 16 “pro-lifers” vs 12 members of the Abortion Lobby.

But those 12 Abortion Proponents are clearly committed to their cause and they are willing to take hard action to advance Alaska’s Cult of Death.  It does not seem we can say the same about “pro-life” legislators in the House.



How did 12 members of the Abortion Lobby over power 16 Alaska Family Council endorsed “pro-lifers” with a 35 to 1 vote against Eastman?

This was clearly one of the most corrupt censuring votes to happen since John Quincy Adams was elected to Congress.

What could possess “pro-life” Republicans to side with Alaska’s Death Cult in a vote to silence the most consistently pro-life voice in the House?

What are they afraid of?


So what should you and I do?

Well, if you haven’t yet, please call Eastman’s office and throw some encouragement his way.  They’ve been under siege by the Abortion Lobby for a week now.  You can reach them at 800-468-2186 or EMAIL at Representative.David.Eastman@akleg.gov

You should also consider calling your House Rep.  If they were present on February 22nd, then they joined the Surrender Caucus and voted with the Abortion Lobby to censure Representative Eastman on false accusations in violation of the House Rules and even Alaska’s Constitution.

Find your legislator HERE.

Don’t know who represents you?  Look them up HERE.