Cathy Giessel Advocates for Abortion

Senator Cathy Giessel: “an unborn child is a child.”

When the amendment is to prevent abortion funding comes up, there’s only two ways this can go: either you vote to prevent abortion, or you vote to kill babies.

When a $0.00 abortion de-funding amendment was offered by Senator Shelley Hughes, two Senators spoke on the amendment.

Senator Bill Wielechowski (D) spoke against the amendment, as he is obligated to do as a pro-abortion Democrat.  Because he’s a lawyer, he veiled his abortion advocacy in legal mumbo-jumbo that, when it comes out of the sausage grinder, makes sense only to abortion advocates.

Senator Giessel began her floor speech with a disclaimer: “I’m a big supporter of the idea that an unborn child is a child.

She then let us all know that she’s paid for the right to say whatever comes next, as she’s an “annual donor” to Pregnancy Resource Centers.

Senator Cathy Giessel’s pro-life credential cannot be challenged: she gives money to pro-life organizations, and she believes that children are children.


Before we get to her vote to fund abortions, she said a few other interesting things you should know about.

There are a lot of reasons for termination of a pregnancy.”  No there are not.

Speaking about states that have or will have laws that restrict abortions, Senator Giessel, who is a licensed nurse practitioner – a healthcare provider herself – goes on to say, “Healthcare providers are unsure whether they should offer assistance to a woman in an emergency room who was hemorrhaging.”

Does Ms. Giessel actually believe – and want you to believe – that we’re killing 2,300 babies a day in America because women would die if their doctors couldn’t kill their babies?

Are we really supposed to believe that the 685 women that performed Self-Managed Chemical Abortions last year went into the ER hemorrhaging, and were sent home with a DIY abortion kit?

Has pregnancy become such a crisis in Alaska that the number of later term abortions has skyrocketed 975% in the past 5 years?

Why haven’t we heard about this crisis?

Why hasn’t Senator Cathy Giessel, the nurse practitioner sounded the alarm?

Obviously, because the only alarm we should be ringing is the alarm that our state licenses doctors to kill babies and then pays for nearly half of those killings.

After rambling around premature births and other very bizarre baby killing ideas, Ms. Giessel got to the point:  “the amendment is to prevent abortion.”

That’s right.  The amendment would prevent as many as 803 babies’ deaths in the coming year simply by prohibiting the State from funding those abortions.


The Dobbs Decision Made Anchorage Voters “Pro-Choice”

Ms. Gieselle rambled on about the Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health opinion that overturned Roe v Wade and returned the issue to “the people and their representatives,” and about how pro-choice her district is.

“…I was going door to door, and I had countless women quietly say to me, you know, I would never have an abortion myself. But I can’t make that decision for someone else. And they said it quietly because it is so hard to say that.”

Senator Giessel didn’t seem to find it hard to say.  But what does that even mean? 

Killing innocent people is wrong.

Babies waiting to be born are innocent.

Killing babies is wrong.

Babies should never be killed.

But Senator Giessel won’t do anything to stop people from killing babies.

In fact, Senator Giessel will make sure the state pays every time a Medicaid recipient wants to kill her baby.

No, Senator Giessel, babies should never be killed, and government is supposed to be God’s minister for good, not for evil – and certainly not to pay for evil to be done.

Senator Cathy Giessel made that choice a long time ago.  And she’s explaining why the pregnancy resource center annual donor, “children are children,” Christian pro-life nurse practitioner is voting to pay for babies to be killed. 

Oh… and don’t forget about her voters.  It’s their fault too.

Returning to the amendment: $0.00 for abortions in the 2025 budget, Senator Giessel finally trades the babies for women’s healthcare.

“This would jeopardize health care for Alaskan women. And so I can’t support this amendment… I am not going to be supporting this amendment.”


And with an assist from Senator Wielechowski, Cathy Giessel and a 11 other Senators traded babies’ lives for women’s healthcare.

Senators Voting to Fund Abortions:

Bishop (R)

Clayman (D)

Dunbar (D)

Giessel (R)

Gray-Jackson (D)

Hoffman (D)

Kawasaki (D)

Kiehl (D)

Stedman (R)

Stevens (R)

Tobin (D)

Wielechowski (D)

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