In a stunning 39:1 vote yesterday, Republicans voted with the abortion lobby in the House to advance another abortion funding budget.

Those Republicans will tell you that there are as many reasons to advance the budget as there are pixels on the screen you’re reading this on.

There are likely just as many reasons to block advancement.

One reason stands out beyond all others:  this budget – like every budget since at least 2006 – pays for babies to be killed.  Here’s the basic abortion funding outline that nearly 20 years of budgeting have followed:

2001: Alaska’s Courts ordered the State to pay every abortion invoice submitted on behalf of a Medicaid recipient.

2002:  Tony Knowles’ Attorney General wrote that abortion funding is a constitutional right no matter what the Legislature says or funds.

2006 to Present: Republicans objected by writing into every budget that they don’t like paying for babies to be killed.  Republicans have not attempted to prohibit abortion funding since 2001.

2006 to Present: The Governor writes a budget proposal that assumes the State will pay for babies to be killed based on the 2001 court order and 2002 AG statement.

2006 to Present: Every AG has copied the 2002 abortion funding statement in reports to their respective governors.

2022: The Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health opinion was released after the 2023 Budget had been passed by the Legislature, but before Governor Dunleavy signed it into law.

2023: The Legislature overwhelmingly passed an abortion funding budget despite the Dobbs opinion clearly stating that there is no right to abortions or abortion funding in any US Constitution.  Governor Dunleavy consequently signed that budget into law.

Alaskans have killed 3,076 of their own babies since the Dobbs opinion of 2022, and neither the Legislature nor the Governor have acted to enforce the Dobbs opinion within the State since then.

You and I were forced to pay for 1,308 of those babies’ deaths because our Legislature and Governor refuses to prohibit abortion funding in the budget, and by continuing to pay every murderous invoice that the abortion industry submits for payment.

CULPABILITY.  Let’s take a break and talk a bit about who is responsible for those babies’ deaths.

  • Who contracted with the abortionists to kill those babies.  Not you, I, or the Governor, or any Legislator. 
  • Who brought the babies to the abortionists?  Again, not you, I, the Governor, or any Legislator.
  • Who killed those babies?  Not you, I, the Governor, or any Legislator.


  • Who paid for those 1,308 babies to be killed?  The State of Alaska paid for those killings. 
  • Who decided (voted) to pay for those babies’ murders?  Nearly every Alaskan Legislator.
  • Who signed that abortion funding budget into law?  Governor Dunleavy.

730. In the coming days and weeks, Alaska’s Legislators will vote to pay for 730 babies’ deaths, or they will vote to prohibit the funding that makes those murders possible.

The 2025 Operating Budget assumes that approximately 730 babies’ deaths will be paid by Alaska’s Medicaid system.  Approximately 525 of those murders will be committed here in Alaska, while an additional 205 babies will be carried Outside to be killed. 

Depending on how our Legislators vote, you and I will pay for every one of those deaths.


Do you pray for an end to abortion in Alaska?  If so, there is something urgent that you need to know…

Even though Roe v Wade is in the dustbin of history, the abortion industry is ramping up its efforts here in Alaska with more chemical abortions than we’ve ever seen along with more abortion advocates in the Legislature than at any time in Alaska’s history.

We will fight to protect babies until every child is ensured the right to life, equal protection, and equal justice as both God and our Constitution require.

This is where you come in.

With lives hanging in balance, I hope you will sign this urgent pledge and commit to stand for life!

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